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The Full Daily Traffic Machine Course Will Teach You How to Setup Your Own Automated Twitter Traffic Empire So That You Can Enjoy:

  • Reliable DAILY traffic
  • Build up to 20,000 quality visitors each month and beyond!
  • 29+ pre qualified leads per day
  • An automated value delivery system which means more of your prospects will buy from you
  • Easy set up following my step by step instructions
  • Very little time required to maintain once it's set up
  • Does not require paid advertising
  • Automated daily traffic & leads leaving you more free time

Thank you for this course James and thanks for all the extra stuff you've put in as well! I think I'll have to set up some different niches as well so I can make use of it all!

- Alison S, USA

Great training James!  Am excited to get this set up 🙂

- Alan S, Norway

Here's What You're Getting When You Upgrade To Full Daily Traffic Machine Membership Right Now....

  • Module 1 - Setup Your Traffic & Lead Generating Machines


This module will show you how to set up your Twitter traffic & lead generating machines.  We'll cover all aspects of correct set up and you'll learn step by step how to create a stunning looking profitable profile complete with profile picture, bio, outbound links and header all using only free tools!

By the end of this module you will know exactly how to set up these valuable assets that will be ready to suck traffic & leads to your business for the months and years ahead!

  • Module 2 - Find The Most Responsive Audiences on Twitter

In this module we will cover step by step how to find the best people on Twitter to include in your audience.  We will cover sourcing the right people for your specific business so you get only the highest quality prospects looking at your business.

You will also learn how to build your audience so you can start generating traffic & leads quickly

  • Module 3 - Attracting The Perfect Prospects To Your Websites

This module will teach you step by step how to create the best content to use in your Twitter timeline that will act as powerful magnets to attract only the best and most relevant prospects.  You'll learn how to perfectly balance your content so that it delivers value and enables you to tastefully pitch your offers.

You will also have access to my exclusive 'done for you' content pack so you can get up and running immediately without having to create your own content!

We will also begin to automate your content delivery using just free tools, giving you a 'hands off' traffic generation system.

  • Module 4 - The Traffic & Lead Sucking 'Conveyor Belt Method'

This is the 'big daddy' module where we're going to put your Twitter traffic & lead generation on steroids.  Introducing my 'conveyor belt method' you will learn how to create a powerful and 100% automated content delivery system which once set up will run indefinitely sucking traffic & leads to your business daily.

You'll learn two of my favourite methods and we will cover the ninja tricks, tools & techniques required to ensure you're never short of traffic again.

I'll also be giving you my own private content templates so that you can literally copy and paste and never even have to create your own content (unless you want to)

  • Module 5 - 'Sniper Style' Advanced Twitter Audience Building

In this module we are going to cover a much advanced Twitter audience building strategy.  You'll learn how to find a very specific type of audience best suited to your business/products/services.

Twitter has over 336 million users and this 'Sniper Method' will allow you to take a massive shortcut and create a laser targeted list of potential prospects.

You will also be learning effective filtering techniques so that your traffic empire has the fastest growth and best responsiveness.

I'll also be giving you access to my private list of over 1.5 million filtered & verified Twitter users just in case you want to copy and paste and get started immediately and grow your audience fast without having to do any research yourself!

  • Module 6 - The 'Walkaway Method' - Full Automation of Your Empire

In this module we will be setting up your automated audience building system.  This will allow you to scale up your Twitter network/s on a large scale for Hugh volumes of daily traffic to your websites

This step by step guide will show you exactly how to set everything up, even if you're technically challenged you'll be able to follow along easily

This is the cherry on the cake for your automated Twitter traffic network and requires minimal maintenance from you, leaving you more free time to focus on closing sales and growing your business

  • Module 7 - Grow Your YouTube Account on Complete Autopilot

In this module we will cover using your Twitter feed to boost your YouTube video views, retention and subscribers.  This will allow you to improve the performance of your YouTube videos by attracting more attention and also increasing the opportunities to gather subscribers.

This is perfect if you want to build a strong presence on YouTube as well as Twitter all on autopilot!!

  • Module 8 - Extract Traffic & Leads 24/7 - Just Copy n Paste!

As a full Daily Traffic Machine member you can access my private Image pack PLUS my rotating tweet templates to allow you to tweet in high volumes and avoid duplicate content. This will save you DAYS worth of work!  The images can be branded to you and  the tweet templates you can copy & paste and just add your link!

Never has it been easier for you to start tweeting and generating daily traffic and leads

  • Module 9 - Private Source List to Shortcut Your Twitter Growth

As a full Daily Traffic Machine member you can access my tested source list that you can use to immediately start building your Twitter audience.  The sources listed are already tested and proven and will give you the fastest growth of your audience and the best response rates.

Using this list you can easily build your audience to well over a quarter of a million followers and beyond!  This list will be regularly updated as we test new sources.

If you want to just cut to the chase and immediately start building a responsive audience then you will have access to my private filtered & verified list of over 1.5 million Twitter users so you don't have to do any of the research yourself

Total Course Value = $975

When You Buy The Daily Traffic Machine Course Right Now, You Will Also Get These Exclusive Bonuses...

Bonus 1

  • Perpetual Lead Machine

In this bonus module I will show you a nifty method to boost the traffic from your Twitter empire.  This is useful if you want to do special event promotions like a webinar, event or a special promo for your business.

You will also learn how to create an evergreen perpetual lead generation machine using your Twitter traffic and a specially crafted blog.   This will be one of the most 'hands off' lead generation strategies you've ever seen.

Once set up it requires zero maintenance and you only need to create content just one time and it will continue to work for you in the months and years ahead.

I will show you step by step how to set up your blog and integrate it with your Twitter empire so it produces leads for you every single day.  I'll also show you my 'quick 10 minute content creation method'

Once implemented along with everything in the core curriculum you will have a self propelled lead generation system that runs on auto pilot and will work in any niche you want.

Total Bonus Course Value = $225

Bonus 2

  • Perpetual Followup & Sales Machine

In this bonus module we will set up a perpetual followup & sales machine that will keep you in front of your prospects, delivers high value and builds rapport, therefore perfectly priming your prospects to buy from you.

A common mistake many marketers make is to 'burn out' their list with too much overt promotion.  This leads to a decline in responsiveness and sales

Using the method I teach in this bonus module you will remain high on the value meter and your prospects will actually WANT to receive your emails and more importantly will want to buy from you

Again this will run on autopilot and recycle your traffic and leads through an evergreen value delivery cycle meaning zero maintenance is required from you once it's set up!

Total Bonus Course Value = $97

Bonus 3

  • Lifetime Access to Live Coaching Webinars

As a Daily Traffic Machine member you are joining our community of members with a united vision...  To increase traffic, leads & sales in a leveraged way that once set up runs on complete autopilot.

As an extra bonus you will have access to our regular live coaching webinars where we cover any updates, Q&A session plus you can submit your Twitter profiles for LIVE review.

Total Bonus Value = $27 / Month

Total Course Value = $1,297

  • How quickly can I start getting traffic & leads?

    When I first started with Twitter and had everything set up as shown in the course I began to get my first traffic & leads within 7 days

  • When can I log in and start my training?

    Immediately after you have the checkout

  • Will it take a lot of time for me to set everything up?

    No! Because I basically hand you on a plate everything you need… All you need to do is follow the step by step instructions which are clearly laid out in the course

  • What if I am new to marketing online?

    That’s ok… I designed this course to be the most step by step course available to teach you how to get daily traffic and leads from Twitter

  • How can I watch the course?

    It’s available to stream on video inside the members area

  • How much time will I need to spend each week on this?

    Once it’s set up it runs itself 24/7, almost no maintenance is needed because I prefer my business to work for me and I’ll teach you how to do the same

I am enjoying this training so much! Thank you for showing me how to get traffic & leads for my business and your great customer support.  Thank you James

- Shelia H, USA

Loved the training James!  This has really helped our business, for the first time ever we now have daily traffic we can rely on plus we're getting daily leads now doing what you showed us.  This has never happened before so thanks a million!

- Mark R, UK

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This is an absolute God send... I can't afford to pay for advertising yet and this is allowing me to grow my business anyway.  Thanks I will recommend the Daily Traffic Machine course for sure James.

- Karen M, US

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