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The Full Daily Traffic Machine Course Will Teach You Everything You Need to Know to Setup Your Own Automated Digital Empire That Turns Traffic Into Paying Customers

What You'll Learn..

  • The Prospect Conversion Sequence - Understanding the Proven Process of Identifying Your Perfect Customers, Attracting Them to Your Business and Acquiring Loyal Customers
  • How to Create Content That is Designed to Attract Your Perfect Customer & Get Them to Engage With Your Business and Become a Qualified Prospect
  • How to Create a 'Perpetual Lead Machine' Blog That Will Generate Leads & Build Trust With Your Prospects 24/7 (Complete setup from start to finish)
  • Understanding 'The Wrapper Method' so That You Will Always Be One Step Ahead of Your Competition & Be Completely Unique in The Marketplace
  • Create Your Own High Converting Unique Landing Pages & Lead Magnets, Autoresponder Integration, Testing & Optimization. Put Your Lead Generation on Steroids
  • Understanding & Deploying The Commission Multiplier Formula Which Will Dramatically Increase The Number of Customers You Can Acquire Without Any Extra Traffic or Leads
  • Understanding the Metrics of Your Business and Using Them to Create a Profitable & PREDICTABLE Business
  • Understand How to Create & Deploy Your Own Video Sales Letters That You Can Use to Sell Anything Online That You Wish
  • Understand & Deploy The 'Traffic Recycling Method' so You Can Convert Many More of Your Leads & Prospects Into Loyal, Paying Customers for Your Business
  • Discover How to Use The Telephone & Webinars to Close High Ticket Sales With Ease so You Can Make The Big Commission Cheques
  • Perfect if You're an Affiliate Marketer, Home Business Owner, Online Network Marketer, Product Creator or Service Provider and Want to Create a Profitable Digital Empire From Home
  • Create Your Very Own Self Funding Daily Traffic Machine by Simply Implementing Everything we Teach

Thank you for this course James and thanks for all the extra stuff you've put in as well! I think I'll have to set up some different niches as well so I can make use of it all!

- Alison S, USA

Great training James!  Am excited to get this set up 🙂

- Alan S, Norway

Here's What You're Getting When You Upgrade To The Full Daily Traffic Machine Course Right Now....

Core Curriculum

  • The Success Brain Hack System

Before embarking on the Daily Traffic Machine core curriculum we are going to make sure that you are in the right mindset for success.

This is critical for your success because the bottom line is that YOU are your business and you'll learn just how easy it is to get yourself in the right mindset to take consistent, profitable action in your business.

The 'Success Brain Hack System' is a step by step, simple sequence of actions to take daily that will literally programme you for success.

I have used this system myself daily along with thousands of other people and since using it I've been able to take action like never before and get results in my business.

Ensure you watch this all important module first.

Downloadable Resources In This Module:

* Personal Goal Record Worksheet

  • Module 1 - Understanding Your Perfect Customer, Traffic Temperature & The Prospect Conversion Sequence

In this module we will cover some very important foundations about the goals of traffic acquisition and more importantly establishing exactly who your perfect customer is.

To create a profitable digital empire you must first understand and identify EXACTLY who your perfect customer is.  Then armed with this knowledge you will know exactly how and when to offer your products, service or opportunity and make sales.

You'll also learn about traffic 'temperature'. This is very important to becoming a successful digital marketer because depending on where your prospect is in the conversion sequence will depend on what marketing approach will be required.

Most marketers get all this wrong or skip these critical steps but after watching this module you'll never make that mistake and will have the rock solid foundational knowledge that you need to succeed.

Downloadable Resources In This Module:

* Define Your Perfect Customer Worksheet

* The Prospect Conversion Sequence Process Map

  • Module 2 - Content Creation For Effective Marketing

In this module we'll be taking a deep dive into the various types of content that you can use to initially attract your ideal prospect to you and then how to craft specific content that moves them smoothly towards becoming your qualified prospect.

This will ensure that the leads you generate are the highest quality and much more likely to convert into paying customers.

We will cover creating compelling headlines and easy to consume blog posts that are specifically engineered to attract your perfect customer, overcome any objections they may have and lead them to a call to action to become your lead.

We'll also be introducing the 'Customer Value Content Map' which is an easy to use process map designed to help you map out your profitable digital empire.

Downloadable Resources In This Module:

* Customer Value Content Map

* Headline Ideas Swipe File

* Power Words List

* Cold Content Creation Checklist

  • Module 3 - Create a 'Perpetual Lead Machine' Blog

Learn how to create an evergreen perpetual lead machine using a blog and autoresponder service. Once implemented you will have a value based lead generation system that you can send traffic to and will deliver value to your visitors and create warm, responsive leads.

This is a full walk through of how to start from scratch and set up your own domain name, hosting account and blog, content creation and autoresponder integration, so ideal if you don't yet have your own blog.

This will also allow you to be in complete control of the center piece of your digital empire and build trust with your prospects and visitors leading to much higher closing rates and more customers.

  • Module 4 - Installing Google Analytics & Facebook Pixel

Learn how to install Google Analytics on your blog. This is a free tool that will provide a very detailed analysis of all your visitors, their behavior and the actions they take. This is essential for tracking and improving your content performance.

Installing a Facebook pixel will allow FB to track your visitors and start learning vital information about them which can be used at a later date for powerful advertising on this highly profitable platform.

Most marketers are wasting their time and 'shooting in the dark' but after implementing what we teach in this module you'll know exactly what's working and what isn't.

  • Module 5 - Warm Content & The 'WRAPPER Method'

When you have the right prospects coming to you the next critical stage is getting them to make some form of commitment to you.

Commonly this is 'opting in' to become a lead, so you can follow up with them.

Most marketers and affiliates are using low converting and 'cookie cutter' capture pages which quickly leads to declining response rates and eventually complete failure to generate any significant number of daily leads.

If you are using the same lead capture pages as thousands of other people, what makes you stand out from the crowd?

By understanding and deploying the incredibly powerful 'Wrapper Method' you will never encounter this problem.

After understanding this method in depth you will always be able to make yourself unique in the marketplace and grow your business to it's maximum potential.

You'll also learn about other types of 'warm' content that can be used to move your prospects to that all important decision to buy from you.

  • Module 6 - Deploying The WRAPPER Method

Once you fully understand the 'Wrapper Method' it's time to start deploying it in your business.

Before we begin creating your first high converting lead capture page though we need to decide on the right 'LEAD MAGNET' to offer your prospect.

A well designed lead magnet is simple and addresses your prospects exact problem that they wish to solve.

In this module we'll be taking a deep dive into exactly how to craft the perfect lead magnet for your business so you can effortlessly generate leads and create the 'wow factor' with your prospects

We'll be looking at the various types of lead magnets that you can use and following our checklist you'll be creating your own high value magnets.

Downloadable Resources In This Module:

* Lead Magnet Creation Worksheet

  • Module 7 - Landing Page Creation & Integration

Once you've created your lead magnet it's time to create your high converting lead capture pages. This module will show you step by step how to create them quickly and easily using the incredibly powerful and versatile digital marketing platform OptimizePress.

You'll learn the essential elements to include in your pages including creating compelling headlines, powerful 'two step' bullets and image creation for extra conversions.

You will also be learning how to create two or more variants which you'll be using in a later module for split testing and optimization of your pages for the absolute maximum conversion rates.

We'll also be integrating your pages with an autoresponder service that will automatically deliver your lead magnet to your prospect and allow you to effortlessly followup on autopilot.

Downloadable Resources In This Module:

* Headline Ideas Swipe File

* Comprehensive file of high converting bullets so you can easily model and create your own bullets

  • Module 8 - Landing Page Creation Using Lead Pages

This module will show you how to create landing pages using LeadPages.

Using this service you can create an entire digital marketing platform even if you don't have your own wordpress blog, hosting and domain.

It's very drag and drop and simple to use.  We will also cover how to integrate your pages with a autoresponder service for effortless lead magnet delivery and followup.

Ensure you watch the previous module to understand the dynamics and psychology of landing page creation as this module is just a LeadPage demo.

  • Module 9 - Landing Page Testing & Optimization

Once your capture pages are created it's essential that you are continually testing and optimizing them to achieve the absolute best conversion rates and the highest number of quality leads.

This will avoid wasting traffic/money and ensure that you continue to maximize your return on investment.

We will cover two ways of testing in this module using OptimizePress and also using Google Analytics experiments & goals.

  • Module 10 - Landing Page & Manual Followup (Free Option)

This module will show you how to create your landing & sales pages for free.  You just need a wordpress blog and a plugin.  The features are limited and there is no autoresponder integration available, you will need to follow up with your leads manually.

With this option available there's no excuse not to be deploying the WRAPPER method in your business right away and generating your own leads!

  • Module 11 - Bridge Page Creation (For Affiliates)

If you are an affiliate marketer promoting someone else's product or a home business opportunity then having your own bridge page will dramatically increase your ability to make sales. This module will teach you a simple, quick and easy way to create a bridge page.

This page will allow you to introduce yourself and pre frame your prospect to increase rapport and their excitement to view the presentation for your offer.

  • Module 12 - Converting Your 'Warm' Prospects to Hot Buyers Introduction

This is where all your hard work so far now starts to pay off as you systematically convert some of your warm prospects to commission notifications in your inbox. We'll identify a Hugh problem that most online marketers face and how to fix it.

Plus we'll also cover how to make sure that your prospects remain responsive to you therefore maximising your sales and revenue.

  • Module 13 - The Commission Multiplier Formula

Take an in depth look at how powerful the Commission Multiplier Formula is and how it will literally multiply the number of customers you can acquire without any extra traffic. We will also look at how to understand the metrics of your business and engineer a strategy that will make you unbeatable in the marketplace.

Using this method you can ensure that your marketing message is always fresh and enticing to your prospects.

  • Module 14 - Creating Your Thank You Sales Page

Now that you understand just how powerful the Commission Multiplier Formula method is to create sales its time to implement your 'Thank You Sales Page' which will do the work of converting your prospect into a customer and getting them into your sales process.

Done right this will be a high leverage point in your business and we'll cover exactly how to do it correctly for maximum yield.

  • Module 15 - Crafting Your Sales Message

Imagine being able to craft a sales machine that automatically converts prospects into buyers. It will work for you 24/7 all year round making sales for you and bringing commissions into your bank account. That's the power of a properly structured 'Video Sales Letter'

By the end of this module you'll know exactly how to create your own high converting VSL to sell any product you like... your own or an affiliate product.

  • Module 16 - Commission Multiplier Formula Deployment

Now we will lay down your sales process so that your prospect can not only become your customer but can also ascend upwards through your sales process. These 'money pipelines' will work for you bringing in sales whether you are a product creator or an affiliate.

We'll cover essential concepts to be aware of and demonstrate exactly how to construct your pages ready to make sales online.

  • Module 17 - The Traffic Recycling Method

Here we deploy the 'oven' of your business. You'll be constantly warming up & building increasing levels of trust with your prospects through email follow up that will work for you on complete autopilot. It is literally set and forget and will increase your sales and profits.

We will walk through a complete setup including all the emails that you need to be sending to convert your prospects to buyers.

  • Module 18 - Other Conversion Methods

This module will reveal two other extremely effective methods of converting your prospects into leads and your low dollar buyers into high ticket buyers. The first is the telephone... but you won't be making cold calls though or even calling your leads. Using this time tested method you will only be talking to highly pre qualified prospects who have the resources ready to purchase your mid/high ticket offer.

You will learn the exact procedure and be given the script to use to upsell high ticket products with ease. Secondly we will cover using webinars and simulated live webinars to sell mid - high ticket products.

Course Value = $975

When You Buy The Daily Traffic Machine Course Right Now, You Will Also Get This Exclusive Bonus...

  • The 'DTM Twitter Method' Full Course

In this bonus course I will show you how to set up your own automated Twitter traffic & lead generation strategy..

  • Module 1 - Setup Your Traffic & Lead Generating Machines

In this module we are going to set up your Twitter profile from start to finish. We'll cover the basics plus correct setup for bios, header images, outbound links and Twitter compliance.

  • Module 2 - Find The Most Responsive Audiences on Twitter

In this module we will cover step by step how to find the best people on Twitter to include in your audience. We will cover sourcing and building your following manually.

  • Module 3 - Attracting The Perfect Prospects To Your Websites

In this module we'll cover the various types of content to use in your Twitter feeds, plus content creation and the basic automation of your tweets using a free scheduling tool.

  • Module 4 - The Traffic & Lead Sucking 'Conveyor Belt Method'

In this module we're going to put your Twitter feed on steroids, we will cover the ninja tricks, tools & techniques to turn your account into a powerful traffic generating machine.

  • Module 5 - The 'Walkaway Method' - Full Automation of Your Empire

In this module we will cover automated audience building. This will allow you to scale up your Twitter network/s on a large scale for Hugh volumes of daily traffic to your websites.

  • Module 6 - Grow Your YouTube Account on Complete Autopilot

In this module we will cover using your Twitter feed to boost your YouTube video views, retention and subscribers. This will allow you to improve the performance of your YouTube videos.

  • Module 7 - Extract Traffic & Leads 24/7 - Just Copy n Paste!

As a Daily Traffic Machine member you get access to my private Image pack PLUS my rotating tweet templates to allow you to tweet in high volumes. This will save you DAYS worth of work!

  • Module 8 - Private Source List to Shortcut Your Twitter Growth

As a Daily Traffic Machine member you have access to my private source list that I am using to build my own Twitter accounts to enable you to continually build your audience at the fastest rate!

Bonus Course Value = $197

Total Combined Course Value = $1,172

  • How quickly can I start getting traffic & leads?

    When I first started with Twitter and had everything set up as shown in the course I began to get my first traffic & leads within 7 days

  • When can I log in and start my training?

    Immediately after you have the checkout

  • Will it take a lot of time for me to set everything up?

    No! Because I basically hand you on a plate everything you need… All you need to do is follow the step by step instructions which are clearly laid out in the course

  • What if I am new to marketing online?

    That’s ok… I designed this course to be the most step by step course available to teach you how to get daily traffic and leads from Twitter

  • How can I watch the course?

    It’s available to stream on video inside the members area

  • How much time will I need to spend each week on this?

    Once it’s set up it runs itself 24/7, almost no maintenance is needed because I prefer my business to work for me and I’ll teach you how to do the same

I am enjoying this training so much! Thank you for showing me how to get traffic & leads for my business and your great customer support.  Thank you James

- Shelia H, USA

This is an absolute God send... I can't afford to pay for advertising yet and this is allowing me to grow my business anyway.  Thanks I will recommend the Daily Traffic Machine course for sure James.

- Karen M, US

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Love the training James!  This has really helped our business, I have to say this is a ton of value for the price... No one teaches some of this stuff, even after buying 4 separate courses I still learnt more form the Daily Traffic Machine course than all of them put together... WOW!!!

- Mark R, UK

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